KOSID* against KEK's decision to increase the price on electricity in Kosovo


Pristina 2012-02-08  

Representatives from FIQ, INDEP and GAP hold a press conference in behalf of the Kosovo Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development in Pristina on February 8th against the suggestion made by KEK to increase the electricity price with 23% starting April 1st. Furthermore, the Consortium maintained their strong position against the revitalization of Block A2 of Kosova A.

The revitalization is in conflicts with the Kosovo Energy Strategy 2010-2018, the European Commission Study of decommissioning of Kosovo A, Kosovo Government Program for Energy Efficiency and Energy Treaty. The price to be paid for the revitalization of this unit is too high for the customer, for the citizens’ health and for the  surrounding environment. KEK;s demand to increase the price for electricity with 23% from 1 April 2012, does not reflect the real cost of electricity.  

For full press release see the Albanian page. 

*Kosovo Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development

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