Epowering the role of women in the security sector



Empowering the Role of Women in the Security Sector


Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Faculty of Philosophy, Pristina

KCSS researcher, Donika Emini participated in a roundtable discussion entitled " Empowering the Role of Women in the Security Sector". This event was organized by the Kosovo Youth Atlantic Treaty Association  (YATA Kosovo), in the framework of the "NATO Week", on the occasion of the signature of The North Atlantic Treaty and the foundation of North Atlantic Treaty Association

The purpose of this roundtable was to discuss the role of women in the security sector in Kosovo, to share experiences of women working in the security sector, challenges and opportunities aiming to strengthen the role and representation in the security institutions.

Participants of the panel discussion were:

- Aida Dërguti - Vice President of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo

- Ganimete Musliu- Member of the Committee on Internal Affairs and KSF

- Bujar Dugolli - Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy

- Major Remzije Zeqiraj - Kosovo Security Force,

- Colonel Taibe Canolli - Kosovo Police,

- Dajana Berisha - Executive Director of the Forum for Civic Initiatives

- Donika Emini - Kosovar Center for Security Studies

KCSS researcher, Donka Emini focused her presentation on the implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSRC 1325), the National Action Plan, and the implementation of this plan. She also presented the findings from the Kosovo Security Barometer focusing on women's perceptions in the security sector and community safety. Barometer findings show that women generally share positive perceptions towards security institutions, perceiving them as the most supporting pillar. She also mentioned that it is of crucial importance to note that women contact with security institutions is minimal, very low compared to men.

8 April 2015 - http://www.qkss.org/en/News/Empowering-the-Role-of-Women-in-the-Security-Sector-407

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