FIQ and Smira Village Carry on the Civic Activism Experience Around Kosovo


By seeing the good work of Smira village residents and by describing this village as an example of civic activism, the Forum for Civic Initiatives, within its project "Enhancement and Strengthening of Civic Activism", organizes meetings in ten villages in different Kosovo municipalities. At these meetings, the good work of Smira village has been presented by the Head of Smira village Council, Mr. Bekim Azizi, who stated that the Council which he leads has prepared development plans for the next seven years.
Initially, this model-example has been presented to the leadership of both Dardani and Gacka villages, Ferizaj municipality, as well as to Zllakuçan village.
“The purpose of this activity within our Project is to support and promote civic activism. What Smira village managed to do apart from the good work inside the village is that they succeeded to promote their activities through the web page administered by them. We as an organization, now promote Smira to other communities in order to encourage people to transform their energy and willingness into practical activities. Certainly, it is always for the benefit of the community where they live, in the neighbourhood or in village”, adds Nazim Haliti from FIQ.
Those who followed, organization and activation model, had the opportunity to learn and to take it as an example on how to get organized and work in the future for the benefit of the community they represent. The last two years, the Forum for Civic Initiatives-FIQ, has followed and helped Smira residents, and through Smira example it will also encourage other citizens to get engaged.
“From this presentation we have learned a lot and we have seen many positive achievements, such as good projects, good work, so I believe that we are going to implement these projects in our village and we will undertake such initiatives”, said the head of the Council of Dardani village, Besim Xhakli.
Shaqir Sejdiu from Gacka village, stated that this meeting has been useful and it will serve them for the better organization in the village. Sejdiu emphasized that “at any point, it is good to exchange the experience; as a village we are very active; however we have seen here several minor projects and interesting ideas that can also serve us in our practice”.
FIQ, through Smira village administrator, Bekim Azizi, and one of web page administrators, Tefik Salihu, plans to organize lectures and presentations in other eight villages, in Gjakovë, Pejë, Klinë and Gjilan.

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