FIQ held an open discussion on "Philanthropy for Entrepreneurship"


Yesterday FIQ held the open discussion on "Philanthropy for Entrepreneurship". The two speakers were Dajana Berisha, Executive Director at FIQ and Besart Konoshevci, founder of the platform "Academy", a platform that aims to prevent plagiarism and also contains the concept of philanthropy and sustainable development.

Participants were young people from different municipalities in Kosovo. They had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Philanthropy program that FIQ has been developing for many years in Kosovo. Through various examples, Dajana Berisha explained that philanthropy is a strategic investment that has a long-term impact, which is what differentiates it from charity that we are used to seeing in Kosovo. She added that when businesses have a philanthropic approach, this helps in the long-term development of the country. Many enterprises that have come out of the FIQ program have a philanthropic aspect, promoting an environment of community contribution and not just profit. This is also reflected in the Green Ideas competition, which FIQ holds every year, encouraging citizens to apply with innovative and green ideas that bring changes to the country. Last year, the three selected winners were: "Our Roots," which recycled the coffee residue by turning it into mushrooms, as well as the business idea DYVO aimed at turning used nylon, pexiglass materials to make accessories, bags etc.

Besart Konoshevci shared his experience at FIQ. He said that at first the focus of his entrepreneurship was only profit, but after cooperating with FIQ and the trainings he attended, he could figure out how important the involvement of the green elements within his proposal was; in this case of “Akademia” platform thousands of pages can be spared, as the platform will replace the printed materials with the online platform. He also emphasized the addition of the philanthropic aspect to his idea, which foresaw social activities that would affect the prevention of plagiarism, and raise social awareness for the punishment of plagiarism. All of these aspects have made the "Akademia" more successful and have enabled it to win $ 10,000 in the regional competition for "Innovative and Green Ideas 2016", a competition that was held in 2017. The attendees were invited to check the application deadline and bring creative ideas to this competition, following the principles of philanthropy and sustainable development.

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