Electric Power generation from lignite coal damages Kosovo’s development


Dajana Berisha, representative from the Kosovo Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development in Kosovo has said in an interview for the Voice of America that the strategy of energy used in Balkans needs to be focused at the developemnt of regionnal market and sustainable sources.

During the interview miss Berisha answers to the question regarding the meetings with representatives of World Bank, that the consortium has been trying to convience for years now, not to invest in a new power plant. Alternative suggestions from KOSID are: to enstrenghten the new interconnection with Albania, to save energy by isolating houses, invesment in solar energy, hydro and thermo. During the meetings developed with World Bank representatives, Kosid has asked for a study that shows if there’s need for coal investment.

To watch the interview: http://bit.ly/2ykma9l

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