FIQ held the open discussion "Philathropy for Entrepreneurship"


Open Discussion: Philathropy for Entrepreneurship

FIQ held the open discussion “Philanthropy for Entrepreneurship” as part of the Global Entrepreneuship Week in Kosovo, 2017. The two speakers were, Dajana Berisha, Executive Director of FIQ and Besart Konushevci, founder of the platform “Akademia”, a social enterprise that aims at preventing plagiarism, and entails both concepts of philathropy and sustainable developement.

The participants were young people from different municipalities of Kosovo. They had the chance to know more about the program of Philanthropy that FIQ has been developing for years now. By sharing different examples, Dajana Berisha explained how philanthropy is a long-term  strategic investment, not momental, in comparison to charity that we are used to see in Kosovo. When bussineses have a philanthropic approach, this helps to the long-term development of the country.
A lot of enterprises that were devleoped through FIQ’s programs, entailing the philanthropic component by promoting an enviroment where bussineses focus their work at social responsibility, and not only profit.
This was also reflected at the competition “Green Ideas” that FIQ develops every year, where citiziens are encouraged to apply with different innovative and green ideas for the country. Last year, the three selected winners were: “Our Roots” uses the leftover caffe to produce mushrooms. DYVO  is another social enterpise that used leftover materials of nylon and pexiglass to create different jewelerys, bags, etc.
Besart Konoshevci shared his experience at FIQ. He told how his initial aim was to make profit, but after the collaboration with FIQ and through the trainning sessions, he could understand how important it is to include the green aspect in his enterprise, where through the platform “Akademia” many papares can be saved through their online system. He also mentioned the philanthropic aspect of his idea, where he planned social activities that will contribute to the prevention of plagiarism, and also to raise awareness to the public to ban plagiarism. All these aspects have made the platform “Akademia”  very successful and helped him win 10.000$ at the regionnal competition “ Innovative and Green Ideas 2016” which will be held in 2017 as well.

All the participants were invited to follow the applications guidelines and bring innovative ideas to the competition, always following the priciples of philanthropy and sustainable development.

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