FIQ held the training sessions with 10 non-formal groups of Young Ambassadors


Young Ambassadors: Training Sessions with Non-formal Groups

Two trainings took place in Viti and Kaçanik last week as part of the Young Ambassadors project. The five winning ideas were selected in the begining of October by the young ambasadors of  both municipalities. They have received numerous applications and have selected some of the most creative and neccessary ideas of these communities.

The young ambassadors were trainned  about three modules developed by FiQ. The modules included:  Leadership Skills, Project Management, Community Outreach and Time Management.

The young ambassadors have shared their knowledge of the trainning by mentoring the non-formal groups during the training. All nonformal groups participating in the training session have planned specifically all the activities as part of their proposed idea.

The nonfoprmal groups will be developing their activities during October, and will try to fund-raise in their community by collaborating with citizens and local bussineses. The young ambassadors are coordinating activities and assisting non-formal groups during their activities.

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