Young Ambassadors: Open call for application for informal groups!


The Young Ambassadors have opened the call for grants up to 2000 euros.

The Forum for Civic Initiatives (FCI) with the financial support of Global Fund for Cummunity Foundation has started to implement the project Young Ambassador, which aims to develop and reignite community activism. This project is also supported by the municipalities of Viti and Kacanik.

The young ambassadors open the call for non-formal groups of youth from Viti and Kaçanik to apply with their own projects. The main objective of this call is to identify and support projects that bring change in local communities, and also offer the chance to young people to manage a project on their own.  These projects are supported with grants up to 2000 euros. 

All those interested to apply for grants need to meet the following criteria:

  • Groups need to be non-formal
  • The age of applicants 16- 25
  • Ideas need to be innovativve and to have social impact in the community

Interested applicants need to apply before 16th of September, 2017.
Your project can make a difference in the community – Apply!

Link of application:

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