FIQ presented World Bank’s Inspection Case at Independent Accountability Mechanism Network Event in Greece


Djana Berisha, executive director at FIQ presented FIQ/KOSID’s case with the Inspection Panel of the World Bank at the Independent Accountability Mechanisim Network event organized by IAMnet in Thessaoliniki, Greece.

FIQ/KOSID filed a complaint on three bank operations: Bank’s guidance to the government of Kosovo for the development of resetelment related policy, regulatory and legal framework under the closed Lignite Power Technical Assistance Project, the bank’s monitiong and resetelement of Hade village under the Second Additional financing: Energy Sector Clean –Up and Land Reclamation Project and the resetelment anticipated under the KPP.

 FIQ/KOSID’s experience was important on ensuring access for communities to the accountability mechanism. What charachterized this experience was the stand of FIQ/KOSID on it’s own, as it is the first case when national coalations/cso file a complain against a giant developing bank on behalf of a community.This also reflected the connection and the trust communities have upon FIQ the grassroot member of KOSID.

Part of the program were fours sessions with Civil Society with the objectives to: improve understanding both the work if CSO and Independent Accountability Mechanisms in the field of accountability, sharing experience oh both IAMs and CSO on ensuring access for communities to accountability mechanisms, identity challenges and opportunities, generate awareness regarding the differentiated roles and responsibilities of accountability mechanisms, act through the complaint process  and technical round-table discussion between IAMs and CSOs.

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Published: 8/31/2017

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