Call for "Business Ideas Competition - Green and Innovative" 2017


Call for "Business Ideas Competition - Green and Innovative" 2017
Forum for Civic Initiatives organizes for the sixth time in a row the national competition for "Business Ideas Competition - Green and Innovative" 2017.
This project aims to identify young entrepreneurs in Kosovo who provide support, training, mentoring, and initial financial support through donor and philanthropist grants for their business ideas.
Winning ideas can benefit grants in the amount of EUR 5,000 at the country level and USD 10,000 at the regional level.
The main objective of this project is to identify and support business plans that have high potential for success, to affect in social, environmental and economic development of a particular community, or a wider community group, with the ultimate goal of realizing a sustainable business development in the country.
One of the biggest challenges for today's economies remains finding new forms of organization and engagement of local communities in order to ensure sustainable development, reduce negative impact on the environment, thus achieving a fair distribution of benefits.
In this framework, green ideas can play a positive role in motivating, identifying and mobilizing resources in order to strategically address issues that relate to the renewal of traditional ways of production and the development of local markets.
Selection Criteria
Selection Criteria for Business Ideas Competition - Green and Innovative 2017 are designed to find ideas that will have a significant social, environmental and economic impact, which will rely on local resources and will show the potential for sustainable development.
Business plans need to have the following criteria:
The idea should be embryonic, or something that has just started.
Be fundamentally based on local resources.
Have a detailed plan, or be a detailed idea of being environmentally friendly.
Provide employment opportunities for local people .
Include a systematic growth strategy.
Individuals or business should have assessed the local market, recognize competitors and comparative advantages.
The business plan should support and stimulate the revival of the traditional local economy .
The idea should be unique and lack monetary support from local, central government or international development agencies.

Application Process:
All applicants must complete the electronic form on the link: until 10 June 2017.
Selection Process:
The selection panel will be presented by 7 (seven) members from various professional fields. Their primary responsibility will be to review all applications and select 10 business plans as part of the first phase. The second step of the selection panel work is to make the final selection of 3 (three) best business plans.
Pre-Selection Process:
After selecting 10 (ten) best business ideas, each of these applicants will present the idea in 10-minute format before the selection committee, during which they will receive initial feedback on the applicability of their presentation idea and capabilities.

The Selection Committee will select 3 (three) best ideas that will compete at the 2017 Philanthropy Development Forum 2017 regional competition organized by the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation in July 2016.
For more detailed information contact us at +383 38 610 677 or on our website

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