Civil protest in the center of Obilic


Pristina 2012-03-30

A protest took place in the center of Obiliq, Kosovo, where over 200 citizens attended. Community activists organized the protest, which was supported by the Kosovo Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development (KOSID). FIQ amongst 10 other Civil Society Organizations in Kosovo is part of this consortium.

Community activist, Burim Gërguri, addressed some of the community concerns and requirements towards the Government of Kosovo and World Bank; key actors in energy projects in the country.

During the protest the community raised some demands towards the Government and the World Bank, here are some of their requests:

-       The Government should revise decision on making 78% of the Obiliq territory as national interest.

-       If the power plant Kosova e Re is planed to be realized, the citizens of Obiliq should have an advantage on job opportunities.

-       To be guaranteed 24/7 electricity without any disturbance, thus citizens of Obiliq regular pays their electricity invoices.

-       To create a fond to help people with cancer and other diseases as a cause from the Coal Power Plant in the area.

-       To stop chemical spills in the area.  

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