Analysis “The budget of Kosovo Police– needs for additional funds and better financial planning"


Pristina, 29.03.2012 - The Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ) and GAP Institute, published today the policy analysis paper "The budget of Kosovo Police; needs for additional funds and better financial planning". This analysis sights and analyzes the annual budget of the Kosovo Police, its division into different categories, investments, services, wages and other, by analyzing the annual budget in recent years and its management, operational needs of police equipment  and general improvement of cooperation condition, capacity building and achieving the objectives outlined in the Development Plan of Kosovo Police.

 In this roundtable, after the presentation of the contents of the analysis, the Deputy / Minister of Interior Affairs, Izmi Zeka said that "obviously there are deficiencies and weaknesses; however, Kosovo Police has several devices that are best in the region." Zeka said that the respective institutions are in the process of finding solutions to all problems outlined in this analysis, especially for heavy equipment.”
Hamdi Hyseni, Director of Budget and Finance Committee of the Kosovo Police, spoke for the budget categories, efforts to rationality and budget planning, the needs of Kosovo Police for the construction of new facilities, operational needs and other segments. He said that the new uniforms for the police have not yet been designed, whereas also helicopters and armored vehicles are not budgeted for this year.  He highlighted that IMF emphasized that the budget category for operational expenses should be fixed, whereas additional budget should be foreseen for capital investments According to him, the main objective of PK remains equipping special units with heavy equipment. Burim Ejupi, Indep Institute, highlighted that “The worrying fact is that 64% of the police budget is going to salaries which do not include health and life insurance."Ismail Smakiqi, head of the Kosovo Academy for Security said that in each segment, KP needs better planning.
Ferdinand Nikolla from Saferworld said that there were continuous inconsistencies between the development plan and budget planning for the Kosovo Police.
In general, participants discussed and admitted as concerns: the lack of heavy equipment, helicopters, armored vehicles, police health insurance; life insurance; variety of vehicles causing significant maintenance costs, obsolescence of patrol vehicles, transfer of the officers in whom KP invested, age of officers, time of their retirement etc.

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