Reaction associated with the approval of tender package for TC "Kosova e Re" by the Steering Committee for Privatization


Institute for Development Policy (INDEP), Institute for Advanced Studies, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ) Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR), Internews Kosova, DokuFest Institute Pristina for Policy Studies (PIPS)

Pristina, March 9-Regarding the adoption of package bidding for TC "New Kosova" by the Steering Committee for Privatization

The above-mention civil society organizations, oppose the decision of the Steering Committee of the project "New Kosovo" to approve the package of tenders for new power plant, in the form of how it is proclaimed by the Government of Kosovo, especially in sections dealing with the inclusion Kosovo in package B bidding and selling 51% stake in the mine and 69% stake in generation.

Civil society, consistently opposed the contents of the Energy Strategy 2009-2018, as a strategy which is not complete, it is designed without public discussion, was approved under government pressure in the Assembly on April 1, 2010, and it create a monopoly.

Therefore, we request that the Government of Kosovo, in accordance with Section 3.4 of the Energy Law nr.03/L-184, to send to the Assembly, the Energy Strategy for revision. Energy Law obliges the government of Kosovo for every three years to review the Energy Strategy and to submit modification to the Assembly for approval. 


Energy Strategy 2009-2018 should be amended in the following points:
- Separation of "Kosovo B" of the tender package "New Kosovo";
- Completing the Strategy; also studying alternative energy sources,
- Percentage of shares that will be sold.


Arbitrators decision of the Steering Committee of Privatization "New Kosovo" to sell the majority stake in mining and generation, is an unacceptable decision, not transparent and in violation of applicable laws. Under Article 9.1 of the Law on Enterprises nr.03/L-087, sale of shares of a public enterprise should be made by the Assembly. Therefore, only the Assembly decides to sell public enterprises shares.


We ask the Ministry of Economic Development to make public all tendering package and inform the public about the decisions taken by the Steering Committee for Privatization.


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