Discussion Roundtable "Emergency situations in Kosovo - citizen mobilization and institutional capacity"


Pristina, February 24, 2012 - Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ), supported by Saferworld from London, organized a roundtable on "Emergency Situations in Kosovo - citizen mobilization and institutional capacity", attended by representatives from MFSK/MKSF, FSK/KSF, PK/KP, municipalities, OSCE, ICITAP, representatives of civil society organizations and media.

Discussion focused on: what is considered an emergency situation; which steps should be taken by institutions in an emergency, based on existing legal framework; what are the parameters to declare an emergency situation and other issues of this nature.

Deputy / Minister of the Interior Ministry, Ismet Ibishi, said that Kosovo has laws that really fit well, and from these laws, are approved two strategies regarding emergency situations, which are included in the "integrated system of emergency reaction" and ”National Response Plan". Meanwhile, he noted that municipalities do not have followed strictly the procedures provided by law, in the latter case, where snow almost paralyzed the country. 

Fadil Hadërgjonaj by the Ministry of Kosovo Security Force said that "When local and regional capacities are consumed, we are the second force required to intervene."

Colonel Sami Shabanaj from the Kosovo Police, noted that KP has now been taken up with work that is not its duty, in the meantime been established several agencies that coordinate the work under responsibilities.

In general, the participants noted that Kosovo has good legislation on emergency management, but noted that the central system should be respected and procedures outlined in this legislation.

In this roundtable, participants presented good examples from several municipalities in Kosovo, as in Stimje and Ferizaj, where the municipality has contacted various companies, paid cleaning and derivatives, in the meantime other work has been voluntary, and in Gjakova, Rotary Club has provide Community Safety Action Teams with tools for cleaning.

Recommendations from this roundtable:

- Municipalities have budget lines for emergencies

- To respect the laws and strategies during interagency coordination

- Needed additional capacity to transport people from air

- To work on an evacuation plan 

- To analyze the action of institutions on the latest situation

- To test system, including implementation of relevant laws and strategies

- Municipal Councils Community Safety to be efficient functioning especially in these situations


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