A public discussion on energy alternatives in Kosovo


A public discussion on energy alternatives in Kosovo

Prishtinë, 27 January; Energy sector is a key to Kosovo's economy, especially due to its large potentials of lignite resources. According to current scenarios, energy sector in our country is predominated by Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK). Almost 90% of energy production is based on lignite burning, said President of the Assembly of Kosovo, Jakup Krasniqi at a conference with the topic energy alternatives in Kosovo, organized by Institute for Developmental Policies (INDEP).


Further on, Krasniqi said that Kosovo aims at EU integration, therefore this process requires an in-depth reforming and restructuring of the energy sector, which at the same time requires also a new production approach which would guarantee a 20% reduction in gas emissions (green house effect), 20% increase in participation of renewal resources in the total energy consumption and 20% improving energy efficiencies. Therefore, he promised, the Assembly, the Government and adequate institutions on the energy sector will advance a number of reforms and strategies which will include development of new energy generation capacities, including renewal sources; 

Given that energy potentials (solar, hydro-power plants, biomass, urban waste, etc.) which even nowadays continue to be unused and given their importance for the energy sector, institutions of Kosovo will guarantee a complete legal and regulatory framework, which will promote these long-term and sustainable sources regarding energy production and overall economic development”, said the Speaker of the Parliament. (KD)

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