Roundtable discussions in municipalities concerning reforms in Kosovo Police


From 12-16 December 2011, FIQ and Saferworld, within the platform of the Security Forum, and as part of the programme "SafePlace", in cooperation with partner organisations in municipalities, have organized four roundtable discussions in Klinë/Klina, Prizren/Prizren, Gjakovë/Djakovica and Gjilan/Gnjilane, where the report "Reforms on Kosovo Police" was discussed.  The report is focused on three important management components, which are addressed in the context of reform; planning – including both strategic and operational, decision-making and communication with a view to look at current situation and needs in reviewing of these KP management functions in conformity with European best practices, aimed at fulfilling of a mission based on the strategic documents.   

Local and regional police officials, officials from municipal institutions, KSF, KFOR, representatives from other institutions, non-government organisations, media etc, participated in these roundtable discussions.   

In addition to discussions, participants have discussed also about their experiences in municipalities and impressions of citizens on the work of the police.

Some of the conclusions and recommendations deriving from these roundtables have to do with: 
- Creation of the judicial police,
- Increasing the number of police officers in some of the municipalities, where population figures indicate that there is a larger number of people based on the last census,  
- Informing the population about police competencies, 
- Informing the population about the new work methodology of the police, 
- Police cooperation with KSF and security companies,
- Lack of logistic means with KP, especially of vehicles,
- Set up of CCTV cameras on roads, which would make work of the police easier.  

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