Press Conference: FIQ, GAP and KIPRED publish a study on energy sector in Kosovo


The Institute KIPRED, the Institute GAP and Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ) held a joint press conference on Wednesday, where a study on energy sector in Kosovo has been made public. This research study is an analysis concerning perspectives and role of the influential stakeholders involved in the energy sector in Kosovo, by focusing on current energy projects and policies. The study analyses Kosovo strategy on energy, a model in energy and privatization.  

Lack of transparency in privatisation, inexperienced pre-qualified companies in construction and distribution, and inclusion of Kosova B in the privatization agreement are essential problems concerning the energy sector in Kosovo. Lack of studies on alternative energy and drafting of an energy strategy fully relying on lignite does not meet EU criteria. Technical and commercial losses borne by the Kosovo Energy Corporation every year are enormous and unacceptable.
Conclusions and concerns raised by organisations involved in this study range from economic ones encountered during the privatization process to those related with environment. Executive Directors from the three organisations were present at the conference. In order to improve these matters, as well as other issues observed in this study, the actors involved in the study have compiled few recommendations.

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