The speech of President Jahjaga at the FIDES Awards Ceremony for Philanthropy in Kosovo


Dear participants,

I am pleased to address you on this special evening of Fides Awards, which assess the vision of citizens and various businesses to contribute to the general welfare of society through philanthropic spirit.

Values that carries this night, that of solidarity, understanding, tolerance, respect and responsibility to one another, are values that our society has embraced generations. Often during our history, have been the values that have defended our identity and tradition, have created mechanisms of survival and resistance, all have extended thehope for a brighter and prosperous future

I would like to congratulate the organizers of this event that has become a tradition of expressing gratitude for civic and human values to care for each other, praising the commitment of all those honored today with prices Fides.

Distinguished guests,

Each is a separate philanthropic work after convey powerful messages of sincere human values that exceed the limits of difficulties, breaking taboos and stigma, offering opportunity, hope, support and love.

Every day we are surrounded by the impact initiatives that change their lives, initiatives that fail to mobilize the masses of people to be in solidarity with others to protect human rights and values.

On this night honored will be another initiative, taken by the artist Alketa Xhafë Mripa, which I have supported from the first steps, together with all members of the National Council for survivors of sexual violence and partners his many important message that aimed to convey, what support and solidarity with survivors of sexual violence during the war.

Alketa?s vision to expose 5,000 thousand dresses in the stadium of Pristina, as called for justice for survivors of sexual violence during the war through an artistic installation, came pounding across the country and around the world, finding support thousands citizens in an unprecedented solidarity that was shown during the event.

A universal solidarity and resounded strongly exceeded the limits for a war crime committed in Kosovo on innocent men and women, for the weapons of war that still affects thousands of people worldwide and the need for a global mobilization to prevent it.

The artistic installation 'Thinking of you' the Alketa Xhafë Mripa and producer Anna di Lilellio, which turned into a movement, found support in the efforts of women's nongovernmental organizations like Centre for Rehabilitation of Torture Victims, Medica Gjakova, Medica Kosovo Centre for the promotion of women's rights, the efforts of activists of human rights as the womens, Igballe Rugova, many other women, which for 16 years after the war ended with a voice for justice for all survivors. Also the efforts of national institutions to provide them with a dignified life, contributing to the social awareness of the war crime committed against our population.

Serious consequences and the tragedy that affected our society, the innocent population, women and men, the elderly and children, during wartime, was brought back to international public memory as a powerful call for justice of thousands of citizens.

Alketa congratulate the award for the best awareness campaign and I thank her for the contribution that gave this cause so important to our society.

And in the end, honorable guests, Minister, Mr. Abazi, Mr. Jashari, Mr. Zejnullahu Mrs. Berisha, congratulating the Forum for Civic Initiative organizing this event, I express my unwavering commitment to support any initiative which aims to support survivors of sexual violence and provide overall welfare for all citizens of our country indiscriminately.

And in the end, I congratulate you all for prices that will get tonight and congratulate you for your ongoing contribution to our country.

Thank you!

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