The program for the month of Philanthropy in Kosovo


Forum for Civic Initiatives (FCI) is a community foundation that operates in Kosovo since 2000 in order to ensure the participation of citizens and communities in decisions that have long-term impact on their lives.

Since 2008, FCI works to promote philanthropy as aid mechanism to promote sustainable development and overcoming the mentality of charity in Kosovo and the Western Balkans.

The year 2015 is a special year for FCI, because in the same night of the award FIDES 2015 FIQ celebrates 15 anniversaries.

As part of the Philanthropy Program, FCI organizes "Philanthropy Month" that already became a tradition for all.


Month of Philanthropy for 2015 will contain the following activities, which certainly will be different from year to year:

1. Conference " Kosovo to Paris COP21" - 13.11.2015

FCI started EKosova mentor and support platform, an initiative that emerged from the "Women's Leadership Academy" program NDI and USAID in Kosovo. In this context, as part of consortium Kosovar Civil Society for Sustainable Development, KOSID, will organize the conference "Kosovo to Paris COP21", which will gather to debate public authorities, civil society organizations and institutions that create clear intentions for political commitment to climate change, to reflect the issues and guidelines for the promotion of governmental institutions in the identification of national commitments in response to the Conference of Parties (COP21) of Paris.

2. Philanthropy Forum - 18.11.2015

Forum for Civic Initiatives - FCI will publish an analytical report on the legislation on philanthropy and NGOs. This forum will be held within the month of Philanthropy and aims to public discussion with relevant stakeholders about tax legislation and other applicable legal framework affecting the NGO sector. The analysis which will be published in this forum is focused on the issues of financing NGOs, in particular that it is favorable current legislation of Kosovo that has to do with philanthropy as well as enables this legislation non-governmental organizations funding sustainable.

3. The campaign continuous ?Donate a tree ? Give life to a community?? 19.11.2015

From 15 June 2015 within the "Sustainable Energy Week" FCI organized the campaign ?Donate a tree ? Give life to a community?. Tree planting campaign will continue during the month of Philanthropy. This campaign aims to promote a healthy environment for the citizens of the region of Obiliq, especially for the migrant community in New Hade/Shkabaj hopefully that this action will get a message to the government and the management of KEK that these citizens need support, especially in environmental terms.

4. Cocktail "Philanthropy mentoring young entrepreneurs" - 20/11/2015

Cocktail "Philanthropy mentoring young entrepreneurs", will gather in one place the various businesses and young entrepreneurs that FIQ has supported so far with the project ATAR as well as journalists from various media in Kosovo. The cocktail will be organized for the initiated about a discussion on philanthropy and above all to thank all of our partners, who for 15 years have been at our side, contributing to the growth of the FCI and giving meaning our work with community throughout Kosovo.

FCI open competition for the best essay on the topic "How will I change my country?? While the best essay will be awarded a monetary value of 200 EUR. Announcement of winners will be made at the Forum on Philanthropy.

5. Prize Ceremony of Philanthropy in Kosovo Fides - 01/12/2015

FIDES is a traditional event that promotes philanthropy. It recognizes and awards the contribution of philanthropists Kosovo for the current year, and opens the doors for more philanthropic opportunities.

All "Month of Philanthropy", will culminate with the ceremony of FIDES 2015 for the seventh year in a row.

2015 FIDES categories are:

1. FIDES award for contribution at the national level

2. FIDES award for contribution by SMEs

3. FIDES award for individual contribution

4. FIDES award for contribution from the diaspora

5. FIDES award for Innovation

6. FIDES award for best awareness campaign.

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