FIQ signed the contracts with selected NGOs for SIGN project


FIQ today signed the contracts with selected organizations in the frame of SIGN project for Sustainability. The signed contracts reflect technical grant for 5 organizations in the value of  1,000 for each.This grant that will be used by NGO for fundraising.

Fundraising from different sources will be supported in the ratio 1: 1 by FIQ, so NGOs that manage to raise its own funds up to 4,000, will be supported with  4,000 in the other hand. This will be done after completion of the Regional Academy for Sustainability, which took place in Zlatibor, where NGOs learned in detail by experts on how to raise their funds mainly from local sources and will be applicable already with the support and mentoring of the FIQ.

The purpose of this project is to raise the capacity of NGOs in fundraising  based on various donors, mainly local. SIGN for Sustainability is a regional initiative, which is funded by the European Commission.


Donatorët e FIQ: