Conference "SIGNs for Philanthropy Development: a Regional Perspective"


On October 17th 2014, in Belgrade, the conference "SIGNs for Philanthropy Development: a regional perspective" took place, thus marking the end of the first and the beginning of the second phase of the program "SIGN for Sustainability". The conference was organized by Trag Foundation and its regional partners from SIGN network, with support from European Union and Balkan Trust for Democracy, announcing the second phase of the program that would last for four years in six countries of our region. Members of SIGN network are Trag Foundation from Serbia, Mosaic Foundation from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Center for Institutional Development CIRa from Macedonia, fAKT Fund for active citizenship from Montenegro and FIQ Forum for civil initiatives from Kosovo.

In introductory speech, participants were addressed to by Tony Myers, international consultant for fund raising from Canada who spoke about philanthropy as universal idea.

More than hundred participants from public and private sector attended, including media and civil sector representatives from five countries in the region. The topics were related to conducted program and included: regional philanthropy trends, creating favorable legal framework for philanthropy, empowering civil society organizations to mobilize resources on local level and establishing mechanisms for transparency and responsibility in fund raising.

Two panel discussions have gathered numerous experts to discuss regional cooperation and improvement of conditions for philanthropy development in the region, but also the significance of transparent and public reporting. Speakers on the first panel were Ivana ?irkovi? from the Office for cooperation with civil society of the Government of the Republic of Serbia,  Danka Latkovi,  the Office for cooperation with civil society from Montenegro,  Dragan Golubovi, independent international expert,  Rajka inik Vuli from bank Intesa and  Anica Maja Boljevi from fAKT Foundation. To the second panel contributed  Nathan Koeshall from Catalyst Foundation, Dajana Berisha from Forum for civil initiatives FIQ,  Vedran Peri from Sberbank from Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Ana Marija Mitevska, Tinex company form Macedonia,  Mi?a Stojiljkovi?, journalist from Serbia and  Marijana Savi? from organization Atina from Serbia.

Participants agreed that establishment of the regional platform for development of philanthropy that would involve all stakeholders in the area, from all sectors, including media, should be an importunate task in the near future.

October 17th 2014 -


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