Miami University Study Abroad and Internship Program at KosovaLive has commenced its 7th year


Miami University Study Abroad and Internship Programat KosovaLive has commenced its 7th year.

This 8-week summer program, located in the capital city of Kosovo, Prishtina, gives American students a chance to learn and explore Kosovo and the countries in the Western Balkans. Students will enroll in two classes "The Journalist in a Democracy and Peace Building in the Balkans".They will be taking classes and interning at KosovaLive Organization, producing stories for KosovaLive360, while also meeting with local leaders.

During their stay, students will have the opportunity to meet with people from organizations operating in Kosovo, such as:

Hajrulla Ceku- Executive Director at EC Ma Ndryshe,  will join the program  to discuss cultural heritage and the issues facing protection and promotion of cultural heritage sites in Kosovo, concluding with the specific programs and projects EC Ma Ndryshe is implementing.

Nisha Patel-Legal Officer of the Special Prosecution Office of Republic of Kosovo, will join the class to share about the history, current work, and future of EULEX. She specifically will speek for the work of her division in regards to monitoring, mentoring, and advising the work of prosecutors, judges and police.

Eranda Aliu-Office Director for American Councils for International Education, who will be talking about the international education opportunities American Councils offers to Kosovars to learn abroad. She will explain the Youth Exchange and Study (YES) program for high school students and the Kosova American Education Fund (KAEF) for graduate fellowships.

Kushtrim Puka-Programs Manager for Forumi për Iniciativa Qytetare (FIQ) will be talking about environmental issues within Kosovo, with an emphasis on opportunities and barriers to development of alternative energy sources. He will discuss the role of FIQ and Kosovo Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development (KOSID) in working with citizens, the government and international community to create a sustainable Kosovo.

Vera Remskar-Executive Director of Fondacioni Together Kosova, who will join the class and talk regarding the psychological issues and mental health in Kosovo, especially for younger generations. She will also talk about the free, anonymous web platform that offers online counseling regarding a range issues.

And Annea Hapciu, Marketing Director at KosovaLive Media Group, who will be talking to them about the Internal Effect of the Kosovo The young Europeans Nation Branding Campaign on the Kosovar people.

July 22, 2014  -

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