Grant Giving Program

Through our Grant Giving program, we aim to provide financial assistance and mentorship to local CSOs, informal groups, networks, and innovative initiatives, to help them in implementing meaningful community actions. FIQ has significant experience in working with Grassroots CSOs throughout Kosovo, be in terms of project support, capacity building, providing grants of various sizes (from 1,000 EUR to 63,000 EUR), or a combination of all three. Since the establishment of FIQs Grant Giving Program in 2009, we have engaged in sub-granting to over 42 local CSOs with over 280,000 EUR given until now.

          Fig 1. FIQ Grant Giving Mechanism

FIQ uses a triangular approach in implementing the grant giving mechanism. Primarily, we do this by involving community members of different target groups directly into the community discussions process, the representatives of local community-based CSOs, involving representatives of the local government, as well as representatives from the private sector in the respective community. This approach is of crucial importance in identifying the most pressing needs, challenges, and constraints of a particular community through a moderated community discussion which will organized by FIQ. 

Pictures of some of the Grantees. FIQ continuely follows up with their work and offers consulting when needed. 

For the period 2017-2019, FIQ Grants Program has been redesign so that its impacts feed directly into the strategic objectives of the Sustainable Development Program, while also taking a balanced approached towards funding by targeting both non-profit and for-profit initiatives. With regards to strategic objectives, FIQ grants will be focused on the following fields:

a) sustainable communities
b) energy and environment,
c) economic development,
c)entrepreneurship and social impact investment.

Throughout all these strategic objectives, FIQ will seek to support innovative initiatives that encourage civic activism, community mobilization, and local economic development through job creation.