Categories and winners of FIDES Awards 2009

Prishtina, 1 December 2009 – The Forum for Civic Initiatives, supported by Rockefeller Brothers Fund held the ceremony of FIDES award for the best Corporative Philanthropy in Kosovo for year 2008-2009. FIDES award is the first of this kind to be awarded in Kosovo and symbolizes a public gratitude for companies and enterprises that have invested towards the common good.

The opening of the ceremony was done by the director of the Forum for Civic Initiatives Mr. Ferdinand Nikolla, who said that the grant of Fides award will be traditional. He added that FIDES award aims at setting a new system to have a gratitude for those, whose work contributes for a better life in Kosovo.

Whilst, the president of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund z. Stephen Heintz emphasized that he believes in the perspective of Kosovo, adding that the initiation of the tradition of philanthropic award is very important to our country.

Thanking the companies for their commitment and contribution, this ceremony awarded the winners of the three categories for the three FIDES award:

FIDES award for a contribution at the national level was awarded to the company Data Project Electronics, a company that supported many social activities of a great importance, which are activities that reflect positive perceptions and show solidarity. During the award ceremony, the president of Kosovo Mr. Fatmir Sejdiu, thanked all the persons that have contributed to the organization of this important event in Kosovo, and also thanked all those persons that have kept Kosovo alive for the last recent years. “Kosovo has suitable grounds for an activity that derives from a spirit of commonality of people that have contributed at times when the Kosovo state was not established yet, but the moral state and feeling united all people of good will and business leaders ”, said president Sejdiu.

FIDES award for contribution at a local level was granted to the company Sharrcem, a company that has contributed to the improvement of life in the muncipality of Hanit i Elezit and Kaçanik by supporting activities in culture, arts, education, infrastructure and youth. This award was handed by Mr. Michel Myrphy, deputy head of the U.S. Embassy. He added that the private sector plays a major role in the economic development of the country. The ceremony for the corporative philanthropy that we are honoring today  is only an example that shows how important is the role that the civil and business society can play, he emphasized.

FIDES award for media contribution was granted to RTV 21 respectively the TV show “Edhe unë jam Kosovë”, a show that treats the life of families living in poverty, and aims at minimizing poverty and fighting all forms of discrimination.   At the awards ceremony, the representative of the International Civilian Office in Kosovo, Mr. Peter Faith, encouraged all media to work more in this direction, adding that the media, civilian society and businesses play a very important role towards integration of Kosovo in the European Union. “Kosovo is a young country, with young Europeans, whose perspective is towards integration into Europe. Media play a major part especially independent media that represent a necessary factor on the way of integration of Kosovo into European Union”, said Mr. Feith.

From this year on, the tradition for gratitude to the Kosovo philanthropy shall be a part of Kosovo society values, and we can all together make this tradition life forever. Let FIDES be an inspiration, motive to care for ourselves and others. Let FIDES become an open door for all those who want to contribute to te common good. –were the closing words of the ceremony.