Introduction to Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ)

 Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ) is a national foundation with a long tradition of community development works to promote philanthropy for sustainable development.  FIQ believes that local communities is the best place for civic activism to be developed and lead from the front in terms of sustaining economic growth, achieving social justice and enhancing the environment for its citizens and communities.

FIQ was founded in 2000 by a small group of driving spirits that saw the need to mobilize citizens in decision-making processes as a consequence of the war in Kosovo 1998-1999. FIQ has since its formation grown from being an organization working with, community safety and civic activism to a national foundation working in areas that aim to strengthen the role of citizens, such as Sustainable Development, Grant Giving and promote philanthropy for filling the economic gaps of the Kosovar society.


 “Our vision is to be the engine of community development in Kosovo, working with citizens to ensure socio-economic sustainability


Empower citizens through philanthropy”

Values and Principles

 FIQ is an independent foundation that aims to bring long-term change to our society by working on different levels of the power chain. All aspects of our work are guided by a set of principles that we translate into working values. Our values and principles are important to the foundations culture and aim to be applied to our daily work. Our principles will be used not only as a frame of reference for our organizational design and development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation but will also be used to evaluate ourselves, our partners and other stakeholders

Our principals are the following:

  • Accountability

We work to promote a participatory approach for ensuring transparency, that is the core of our mission.

  • Collaborate

Collaborating with citizens, local CSO’s, communities, business and local government constitutes our efforts to link up activities with people and their effort to bring change. This is not only beneficiary for FIQ, but also an added value for our partners as well.

  • Empower

We work to empower citizens, local organizations to gain more control over their lives, we do this by seeking to respond to demands of citizens and local organizations, and because we believe in their preservation of identity and values they bring to our cooperation.

  • Respond

We work to respond to citizen’s priorities in local communities, in spite of political and economic changes. Our motto is that citizen’s need priorities should be the center of our work