Young Ambassadors

A very important target of FIQ’s work is youth Especially, youth from places with fewer opportunities. Through the Young Ambassadors’s project, we aim for young people to become important decision makers in community actions that come through informal groups, from the communities that young ambassadors represent. Young ambassadors decide for the most needed projects in their communities and the informal groups are the ones to implement them.

Up to now, FIQ has 26 ambassadors in different municipalities of Kosovo. Fiq has implemented 26 community actions  that are tangible and needed for the citizens.

 Young Ambassadors, an example of activism and contribution for their communities!

 Community Actions:

Young Ambassadors in Media (albanian TV channel)
Albesa Aliu, program officer at FIQ and Shend Vishi, young ambassador from the municipality of Kaçanik talk about the project activities and outcomes at the TV programme "Pasdite në Tribunë".